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Vince Langfield

Vince is a Denver native and has lived in the metro area for a good long time. He is the father of six and the grandfather of twelve. "After fifty years their mother still puts up with me," he quips. After running successful small businesses for their owners and making parts that are part of the moon and mars landing craft, he launched Langfield Construction Inc. and 24 years later it is still going strong under the direction of his oldest son Steve.

Along the way Vince has been an artist in many ways. Prior to becoming a recognized full time oil painter he and his wife spent ten years on the sculpture circuit, selling over $500,000 worth of his bronze creations to his many collectors and fans. Vince works out of a large purpose-built studio with a North facing glass wall and an inspiring view of the lake behind his home of 30 plus years. He also has a mobile studio on top of his Chevy van. "The perspective is great, you are 12 feet above the roadside bushes." The mobile studio helps him produce twenty to thirty plein-aire paintings each year, which is about 30% of his total production of finished, high quality oils. "The plein-aire is the best teacher I have found" Vince says, "One is forced to paint exactly what he observes, both quickly and accurately."

Going West From Lost Creek

Prickly Pear

Ready to Load

Wild Grapes on the Elk

Last Gate