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Ron Lape
Oil Painting and Clay Sculpture

Ron Lape is an extremely talented self-educated artist. He started painting at a very young age and taught himself to utilize the techniques of the “masters” to create each work of art. Ron is one of the few artists that can create fine art oil paintings and mold clay into realistic sculptures. He is currently working on his second clay precast of his favorite subject, the Native American.

Early in his career, Ron painted photo realistic wildlife. He won many awards creating these types of paintings but he wanted to make a directional change and paint what truly inspired him. Subsequently, his artwork evolved from photo realism to western impressionism. The inspiration for his artwork comes from the early American West and the people who lived during this historical time period.

Even though Ron is young in the western art arena, his artwork appeals to art collectors that can see the value of his talent.

Buffalo Hunter

Bow in Hand

Coyote Hunter

Into the Deep

Tales from the East at Wind River


The Dance

Tall Tales