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Robert Faust

Robert Faust became interested in high school when a friend invited him to join the photography club. That was in 1955 in a small school in northern Wisconsin. His only camera was his parent’s Agfa folding camera from the 1940’s but it was enough to get him started on a half-century journey. Before long, he was able to upgrade to a camera of his own. He purchased his folding camera from Montgomery Ward in 1956 for $35. It had a 3.5 lens and a 500th of a second shutter. He was in heaven!

His skills steadily improved and in his senior year, 1957, he was named school photographer and he was permitted to use the school’s Speed Graphic Camera. After high school graduation, he was hired by IBM and began a career as a Customer Engineer and the Electronics and Software Engineer. He retired from IBM in 2005 with almost 40 years of service and two patents shy of Master Inventory eligibility.

Photography remained a passionate hobby throughout his engineering career and with retirement, his wife and he have started RA Faust Photography to capitalize on decades of photographic experience.

His catalog at www.bandj.smugmug.com contains scenic images as well as still life. You will find photographs and painterly image styles. They also have a broad assortment of beautiful black and white images. His philosophy is one of artistry rather than strict photojournalism. They use the camera and the editor as tools to create images whose composition, color, texture and mood they hope will please you.

Perfect Iris




The Moon


Winter Moon