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Pixie Glore
Website: pixiesart.com

Pixie Glore's work reflects adventure, power and beauty of the people and places she paints. Raised in the Western United States (Utah) often living in the country, close to farmers and cowboys, she developed a sensitivity that expresses itself in her work, be it through colors of the desert or emotions in her portraits or figures. Every brush stroke carries with it the adventures of her many travels around the world from Papua, New Guinea, China, the South Pacific, Africa, Asia and Europe. She spent a year in Provence in 2003 studying in the same places as the early impressionists, Ceyzanne, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Matisse, etc. Now their colors have infused themselves permanently into her work. Previously, she was living in Spain, where she searches for intimacy found in lost corners and strong light, the character of Andalucia.

Echo Lake

Fresh Catch

Spanish Rooftops

Pure Color

Serious Chef

Red Rocks in Spring

Hilltop Village


Cosmic Horse