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Peter Bryson
Website: nooknose.com

Peter Bryson has been a professional photographer for over 20 years, even while he was busy with his 'other' profession, that of working as an ER physician and Associate Director of the Rocky Mountain Poison Center. But all of that medical stuff was another life ago. For his (my) life now, and for the last decades have been devoted to my family, and to the Arts. Photography has continued to be my passion and it has taken me literally to places that I would never dream to go without that piece of magic in my hand. That piece of magic that has the ability to 'capture the moment' and has been my ticket to see the world and share it with others. (a run-on sentence).

In addition to 'capturing the moment' as one would see it, this piece of magic called a camera allows me to play with the world around me and discover new shapes, colors and ways of looking that I would never have before. Although Photoshop can do a great deal to work it's own magic, I do not manipulate my images with that program. What you see before you is what I was able to capture with the camera. I do use that program, though to do basic color correction, sharpening, etc.

And I do enjoy sharing, whether it be a good movie, great song, or in this case, images that I have been able to capture through my travels. It is very exciting for me to be able to share these images with you, and I thank you for taking the time to come here and look at my work.

1-2 and Half Windmills

A Barcelona Street

African Sunset

Boats on Lake Louise

Banff National Park Lake

Cinque Terra Harbor

Colorful Ribbons

Dubrovnik Rooftops

Entrance to the Castle

Horse and Barn

Lake Powell Overlook

Living on the Edge

London Hustle

London Whoosh

Lone Boat

Migration Rest Stop

Monochromic Fall