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Karen Zink
Phone: 303-794-6743 | Cell: 303-903-9499
Email: kjnorsvenf8@earthlink.net

Congratulations to Karen Zink for being selected as the January Featured Artist for the Arts Alliance of Littleton. Her photography was on view at the Littleton Historical Museum. Karen?s photography composes a scene in a collage using everyday objects in our life. Her images are thought provoking and creative. She loves the combination of vision to include the art, technical and chemical processes.

Angel with Metronome

Artist Statement

Explaining my art is like trying to hold on to fog or a dream. I work in several areas of photography, some old processes, polaroid transfer, black and white, color, using different formats, now including digital. Even though there is a variety of subject matter, what I want to be doing in my work deals with an inner place. Many pieces have to do with how a woman is boxed or framed in by society's and, perhaps her own, expectation. Other pieces in my work have a certain obvious spirituality, and some are meant to be consciousness raising. However, my goal is to call on the viewer to consider what the arrangements, still lifes, florals, collages, or my way of seeing even the outside and ordinary, brings to mind for them personally. I think that most of this work affects women more than men, which is one of my goals. I often describe what I do as creating inner landscapes, or personal stories, ones that we own ourselves, rather than documenting the external world.

A photo may begin with a conscious idea or story in mind , inspired by a word , phrase or song title...or not. More often I just begin, looking at things and letting the objects choose themselves. Frequently I am inspired by my dreams, and feel that my strongest work comes when the dreams and my inner world are active. This is when I feel myself continuing to grow, in my own consciousness and in the skill and technique needed to waken the inner self of the viewer. Then again, sometimes I just try and make something of beauty.