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Karen Parry-Wagner
Karen Parry-Wagner is a Fine Art Photographer who employs a variety of photographic and painting techniques to create her diverse and unique works. Rather than seeing photography as a medium with which to document a particular time and place, she uses photography to tell stories. Mystery, drama, and humor often come into play in these images, and the viewer becomes a participant in the storytelling via their own imagination and experiences. In some cases scenes, events, or characters are entirely pre-visualized, and then created by the photographer; in others, her interpretation of a subject or location may give the viewer a new or deeper insight into familiar concepts.

Karen studied art and photography in the Midwest before re-locating to Colorado where she earned a degree in photography at the Colorado Institute of Art. She worked as a portrait/commercial photographer for several years, and now concentrates on exploring her own vision. She is much more compelled by the subject and the story than by the medium; and often goes beyond basic photographic techniques to get the image she wants. She may hand color a photograph with oils; use infrared film, selectively burn or dodge an image in the darkroom, or use filters (on the camera or in the darkroom) to enhance the mood of a photograph or to direct the viewer through an image.

All original Black & White images are printed by hand from film on fiber based papers, by the photographer, in her dark room. She also does all her own film processing and print toning, and is known for her elegant hand-colored black and white original pieces. She uses medium and large format cameras (Bronica SQ-A, Cambo 4x5). Some of Karen's images are available as Giclee Prints, made with Archival Inks on Archival Watercolor paper or Archival Photo-Rag paper. All photographs are mounted on acid-fee mount boards, and matted with acid-free white matte boards. Some images are available framed; all are matted.

Karen Parry-Wagner lives in Estes Park, Colorado with her husband, Jazz Artist, Max Wagner.

Among Legends

The Calla Lily

The Day Off

Endovalley No. 1

Storm Over the Snake

Tree Line


Adventures with Dan No. 6

Blues Highway