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Jerry Bargar
Website: www.momentsphotos.smugmug.com

Artist Biography
I am a Colorado native and a self-taught photographer evolving over a span of 35 years. In the early years, it was a hobby and pastime. In the last several years, it's become my passion.

It all started on a hike with a friend in the mountains near Kremmling Colorado. As my friend ventured off on his own, I found myself in a grove of aspen, as a warm, misty fog crept in and surrounded me. I was absolutely captured in the moment. I couldn't move. I was in the middle of a picture perfect fall landscape that I'll never forget. I didn't even own a camera at the time, let alone have one with me.

That experience prompted the quick purchase of my first 35mm camera and my venture into the world of photography had begun. For me photography is one of life's grand pleasures. Nothing compares.

It's very easy to miss the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis. That's why photography has become so important to me. Not only does it help me see the world in a different way, but I can share some of those special moments with others. When I'm lost in the moment photographing a scene, the cold wind doesn't bite, the sun doesn't burn, and a little rain just adds to the mood. I want to spend the rest of my life finding and sharing the splendor of nature, and the beauty of everyday life.

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Sunset in the Grass

Aspen Independence Pass

Dallas Divide

Home Sweet Home


Poppies on the Flatirons


Sunset Air Show

Tiger Pose