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Our Artists
Donna Arndt - Bronze Sculpture
Jerry Bargar - Photography
Peter Bryson - Photography
Carol Dallas - Pastel Painter
L Michael Davis - Photographer
Jane Denison - Abstract/Acrylic Artist
Jesse DuBois - Colorado Landscape and Portrait Painter
DNC Collectibles - Silver Belt Buckles
James E. Faulkner - Wildlife/Landscape Painter
Robert Faust - Photographer
Shohini Ghosh - Bronze Sculpture and Murals
Pixie Glore - Painter
Vince Langfield - Painter
Ron Lape - Oil Painter
Paul Lindberg - Photographer
Hilliard Moore - Painter and Bronze Sculpture
David Muench - Photographer
Jack Olson - Colorado Landscape Painter
Ken Pledger - Painter
Terence Rice - Woodturned Bowls
Kati Rosenbaugh - Impressionist Artist
Ed Slack - Painter
Jay Sullivan - Pencil Artist
Linda Susak - Painter
Nina Tepper - Mosaic Artist
Jeff Velarde - Photographer
Karen Parry-Wagner- Photographer
Jessica Wicken - Painter
Ronald Wilkinson - Painter
Karen Zink - Photographer

Art and Fun for All

Great Western Art Gallery, LLC provides artwork for art lovers and patrons of the arts alike who are looking for that unique work of art or for a gift. Enjoy a wide variety of artwork from our local and regional artists.

Our galleries selections include: oils, acrylics, pastel and watercolor paintings, photography, sculpture, Raku pottery, wood turned bowls, blown glass, and designer one of a kind jewelry.

Ask about our layaway plan for artwork. Shipping is available.

"How to become an Art Collector"
by Bob Ragland, The Art Warrior

Visit art galleries; go with an artist. Don?t be intimidated!

Read art books. Buy what you like, like what you buy!

Be fearless about art and artists. Be open to information; use art to meet new people.

Buy within your budget! Buy on the payment plan!

Make art and artists a lifelong study; take art appreciation classes. Don?t buy art to make money!

Don?t always believe art critics; go see for yourself!!!! Don?t always match your sofa. Feel good about art, tell your friends; get to know artists that you like.

Avoid trends. Acquire art with your eyes, not your ears! Support artists in your area. Become "Art Literate" on purpose.

Take time, slow down ? put some art in your life.